Empowering Education Through Innovative Projects

Transforming Learning Experiences with Cutting-Edge Solutions

At UNOWA, our extensive project experience has enabled us to transform the educational landscape for institutions, educators, and students worldwide. Our innovative Solutions and Products play a crucial role in our projects, ensuring we deliver the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Over the years, we have successfully completed more than 20 international and 300 national projects, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in the global education sector.
Our projects range from implementing comprehensive educational solutions tailored to the specific needs of institutions, such as kindergartens, schools, and special education centres, to integrating our innovative products like Sensorium, Einstein™ Ecosystem Solutions, and Mikko, to enhance learning experiences and support inclusive education.

Our project experience has taught us the importance of understanding the unique requirements and challenges faced by educational institutions and developing solutions that address these needs while driving positive change. By leveraging our expertise, cutting-edge products, and dedicated support, we have helped schools and educational organisations around the world achieve their goals and create a lasting impact on their students and communities.

A comprehensive strategy encompassing all academic disciplines, institutions, and participants includes:


  • Kindergartens: Tailored solutions for early childhood education, providing a stimulating and nurturing environment.
  • Schools: Innovative products and tools to support K-12 education, fostering academic success and personal growth.
  • Special Education Centers: Customized solutions for children with special educational needs, promoting inclusion and individual development.

Resources & Tools

  • Lab Didactic Equipment: State-of-the-art lab equipment for hands-on learning experiences in science and technology.
  • Materials for SEN: Specialized resources designed to address the unique learning requirements of children with special educational needs.
  • IT Solutions: Cutting-edge software and applications, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Education Management Information Systems (EMIS), and other educational apps.

Value Chain

  • R&D: Our dedicated research and development team continuously explores new ideas and solutions to improve educational outcomes.
  • Software & Content Development: In-house development of software and educational content, ensuring the highest quality and relevance.
  • Manufacturing: Efficient and responsible production processes, delivering top-quality educational products.
  • Integration: Seamless integration of our solutions into your existing educational ecosystem.
  • Distribution: Comprehensive distribution network, ensuring the availability of our products and services worldwide.
  • Training: Professional training and support for educators and partners, maximizing the potential of our solutions.
  • Consulting: Expert advice and guidance, helping you make informed decisions and achieve your educational goals.
We are proud to be partners with a number of esteemed international organisations, working together to create a positive impact on global education and development.